Get a Running Start

When you engage with Rainmaker, you set a course for success.

We begin the journey with a comprehensive process that brings Sales teams and Marketing organizations to the table to define an annual multi-touch content-driven campaign that is both structured to introduce predefined content and flexible enough to address dynamic market conditions and company developments.

During the OnBoard process, we:

  • Scrub Prospect Lists
    A great campaign starts with a great list of prospects. Rainmaker works with clients in all facets of prospect list management. From sourcing to cleansing to management, we start with clean lists to ensure campaigns resonate with intended targets.
  • Add a Personal Touch
    Rainmaker leverages its strategic OnBoard process to capture the highly personal elements that make every prospect touch unique and engaging. We collect handwriting samples from every Salesperson. From there, our software goes to work to create authentic, custom fonts that are used to develop ‘handwritten’ messages that are placed atop content. The presence of the Salesperson’s handwriting on campaign elements such as sticky notes, postcards and faxes conveys commitment, engagement and a promise of partnership.
  • Choose Content to Drive the Campaign
    In a two-day intensive session, we choose the content that represents the company’s perspective, provides industry insights and keeps prospects in the know. It’s proven that many prospects don’t simply buy into a sales message. They buy into an overall experience. The Rainmaker content-driven campaigns provide it.
  • Establish Campaign Goals
    We set up every campaign for success with workflow automation, checklists and campaign goals. You are introduced to your dedicated account management support who will serve as a partner to you through the duration of your campaign. We establish the campaign calendar, number of touch points and campaign management tools.

Sales and Marketing teams exit the Rainmaker OnBoard process confident they’ve assembled a comprehensive campaign that will overcome objections, open the door for more sales conversations and serve as an extension of the company’s outreach efforts.