The Science in Sales

ACTIVATE Your Prospects: The Science in Sales

Reticular Activator


     The average American must see hundreds, if not thousands, of signs, advertisements, logos, and various other Marketing attempts EVERY DAY!

     For most of the time, our brains are running on auto-pilot, and we only engage the processes that are most crucial to our goals or survival. We would never finish a project or reach a destination if we tried to retain everything we see, read, and hear. But there are many cognitive processes happening in the background that can be utilized in Sales and Marketing. One of the most important functions is called the Reticular Activator.

     Have you ever learned a new word and suddenly begin to read or hear that word constantly? Or what about buying a new car, and then you see that same car everywhere you go? Chances are, you’ve seen that word or that car before, but something changed to bring it to the front of your attention. Until now, you haven’t had a reason to register it consciously. This is the reticular activator at work!

     But what does this have to do with Sales and Marketing?

     The power of the brain, how people make decisions, and what makes people feel comfortable has nothing to do with sales - it’s just how people are wired. So how do we take human wiring that will never change and utilize it to make more connections and get more appointments?Remembering

  • Don’t stop after a call and an email: A prospect will need to be reminded constantly that your company, your brand, and your product exist. They might not be ready now, but what happens when they are?
  • Be memorable: If you’re only communicating by the same means as your competitors, you’ll never stand out to your prospects.
  • Educate your prospects: Sending an email newsletter or a brochure might help with brand recognition, but you can’t sell in a vacuum. Find information outside of your company that supports your product, your strategy, or gives insight into your industry. Prospects will appreciate the information and find your approach more credible.
    • Email marketing automation can be great, but you’re likely missing over 80% of your prospects if this is all you do. Vary the mediums - send a handwritten note, a postcard, or leave a thoughtful voicemail. Engage their reticular activator from multiple angles.
  • Right Place, Right Time: You must be diligent in your Marketing efforts. One or two communications isn’t even close to enough. If you communicate often enough, your name and your company will be ACTIVATED in the prospect’s brain as soon as they have a need for your product or service.

     When your prospect suddenly feels like your name is everywhere, it means they’re thinking about you, considering your correspondences, and are interested in what you have to say (even if they don’t know it yet). Being more aware of the way your prospects’ brains process information is one way to plan memorable Marketing campaigns and stay ahead of your competitors.

Whatever it takes!
*by Maria Getto

* The Rainmaker team has over a decade of experience consulting, building, and executing extensive B2B Marketing campaigns. Our blog is a place to share philosophies and impart our knowledge and experience on the Business community, and the entire Rainmaker team contributed to the content of this article. Not only do we practice what we preach, we can also help you and your company start more conversations. We open the door, you close the deal. Contact us for more info.

May 18, 2016