The email statistic no one is talking about…



Are you using email as your primary channel to communicate with prospects? If so, take these stats into consideration: 


B2B email open rates range from 3% to 20%. That averages out to an open rate of 12% for most companies. If you send 20 emails to a person over a year in an attempt to transform them into a customer...they will have opened just 2.4 of them in a year's time. If it takes 7 touches on average before they even pay will take you 7/2.4 = 2.91 years to get their attention (if email is your only channel). You can shorten this timeframe by augmenting your emails. Mail a handwritten note, send a FedEx, make a call, send a quick fax, leave a voicemail or go visit them.

Email Open Rates





February 4, 2016