A New Approach to Selling

It all started with glucosamine.

Several years ago, my parents began taking a popular glucosamine supplement with hopes that it would ease aching joints, improve chronic pains and increase their quality of life. One of Rainmaker’s clients at that time was a company that sold hundreds of different supplements. They hired us to figure out how to sell more to their existing customers. I did my research. I phoned my parents and interviewed them. Does glucosamine really provide the promised health benefits they were seeking? Well, the jury’s out on whether this supplement really works. But, one thing was certain – my parents were convinced they needed it for their wellbeing. How did they know the supplement worked? Suffice it to say – the articles in Prevention Magazine, news stories, the newspaper, physician quotes in research articles, online advertisements and point of purchase displays did the trick.

That got me thinking… It wasn’t just the purported benefits of glucosamine that got my parents to buy, it was the frequency, variation, and repeated number of touches that ultimately convinced them. They were saturated with information about the solution from credible sources that seemingly had no financial benefit of convincing someone to purchase. It was the context in which the information was delivered along with the endorsement from medical professionals and people just like them. All of it amounted to something called the Frequency Illusion, in which something that has recently come to mind now suddenly seems to appear again and again shortly afterwards. My parents just knew glucosamine worked.

The proverbial light bulb when on! These same principles of repeated touches, variety of media, and a personalized educational approach works particularly well in the business-to-business selling environment where Salespeople wish to stay top of mind. And, it’s the basis for what we call Prospect Automation. We design custom comprehensive sales engagement programs that fuse strategically sourced content, a personal touch and automated processes that enable Salespeople to connect with prospects and define a clear path to purchase. We’ve witnessed this methodical approach bear results time and again for sales professionals across numerous industries.

In most B2B sales engagements, it takes between
7 and 21 touches to transform a prospect to a buyer.

Only Rainmaker has the defined onboarding processes, fast execution, personalization tools and track record of client success. Contact us today to put your sales program on a fast track to success.


Craig Harrell